What can and what should academics do in an age of populism and hysteria?

Date 7 September 2017

This will be one of the central questions of the seminar will be organised on September 7. The Dutch Society of Criminology and the Dutch Socio-Legal Association have joined forces to organise the seminar ‘Academic Activism. Trumpery, Authoriarianism and the Carceral State: On the responsibility of intellectuals’.

The seminar will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The guest speaker is UC Berkeley’s Prof. Tony Platt (Center for the Study of Law & Society) and the discussants are  Prof. dr. R. van Swaaningen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Prof. dr. L. E. de Groot-van Leeuwen (Radboud University Nijmegen). You can register for this seminar by sending an email to Chantal Koot.

More information can be found here