Neske Baerwaldt

Neske Baerwaldt

Neske Baerwaldt MSc

PhD candidate at Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society, Leiden Law School

Neske Baerwaldt is a PhD candidate at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society. In her project "Vertical interventions? The local politics of crimmigration control in intra-Schengen borderlands", she explores the capacity of local communities to engage with political discussions and power struggles around migration and border control at the (supra)national level. To explore this, she empirically studies the ways in which local communities shape (e.g. by resisting, contesting, re-negotiating, legitimizing, amplifying etc.) crimmigration control, and the (governmental) responses such local mobilizations elicit.

Neske Baerwaldt is interested in the social origins of borders, state power, and law. By studying the politics of crimmigration control, She hopes to gain insight into the processes in which the social order is continuously constituted and challenged, despite and through opposition.

She completed her MSc (cum laude) in 2015 at the University of Amsterdam.